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Research Engine

Multiple projects

Split your work in different projects according to the topic, scope and/or collaborators. If you work on different topics and/or with different people you can easily contribute and keep track of each individual project. We will provide you with some statistics to help you identify your most productive areas and potential problems.

Different tools

Making research means dealing with many different kinds of information like reviewing journal articles, keeping a notebook with your progress, collecting many datasets, writing collaborative articles, etc. We tailor an appropriate tool for each need while keeping everthing neatly integrated in the same research project.

Visibility control

You decide if you want an Open Science project, a completely closed project or something in-between. You control the visibility of your contributions in broad strokes or finely grained.

Easier collaborations

Work closely with your colleagues with a constant eye in their recent contributions and keeping them up to date with your own progress. Make collaborative writings easily with our version control and discussion systems and integrate a common knowledge repository.

Public outreach

Communicate your research to the general public and raise awareness about its importance. Make your work better known and understood by beign able to share and explain with as much detail as you wish.

Know your progress

If you work on several simultaneous projects you can track of your progress in each one of them. This could make more evident if there is a problem with some specific area in your work and help you take prompt action.

Math friendly

We know making research means using a lot of math, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to write it. We use Mathjax support so you have a very powerful $\LaTeX$ environment at your disposal.

More to come!

We are just getting started, this means we are improving each day and are looking eagerly for suggestions and new ideas. If you have a suggestion or there's a feature you would like to have, please let us know!